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Cliniques de l’Europe

Brussels, Belgium

Cliniques de l’Europe

Dr C.F. Assenmacher is Head of Department, Maitre de stage (Assistant professor) at Université catholique de Louvain, Proctor & Trainer in robotic surgery. The staff is composed by 6 urological surgeons: Dr S. Nesa, Dr J. Benijts, Dr P.De Groote, Dr S. Wese, Dr B. Hermans, Dr C. Assenmacher. We also have 3 fellows (trainees) from UCL and KUL rotating in periods of 6 months to 1 year. We perform robotic surgery (Da Vinci) since 2007(70-80 robot-assisted radical prostatectomy /year; 20-25 robot-assisted cystectomy with Bricker or neo-bladder totally intra-corporeal; 30 robot-assisted total or partial nephrectomy). Close collaboration with the departments of radiotherapy (Dr C.Salembier), oncology (Dr D.Verhulst), pathology (Dr V.Radermacher), radiology (Dr P.Waer). Multi-disciplinary uro-oncology staff meeting is held every Friday morning (8h-9h30). Dr Salembier is head of the radiotherapy dpt. He performs brachytherapy (seed implants and HDR (boost/salvage/...)) and external beam radiotherapy (IMRT/VMAT). Dr Verhulst is head of the medical uro-oncology dpt. and performs chemotherapy, immunotherapy, super-hormonotherapy.

Unit Director: Christophe Frédéric AssenmacherUrology Dpt.

Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team

  • Core Team
,Urologists,Radiation Oncologists,Medical Oncologists,Pathologists,Nurses,Data Managers
  • Non Core Team and Associated Services
,Imaging specialists,Medical physicists,Radiation technologists,Palliative care service,Clinical psychologists with experience in uro-oncology,Other professionals authorized to offer regular psychological support,Clinical trial coordinator,Physiotherapist,Sexual therapist or urologist trained in andrological urology or certified andrologist or clinical nurse specialist (supervised by sexual therapist, clinical psychologist or urologist trained in andrological urology) specially trained in using interventions that can minimize post-therapeutic sexual complications and promote rehabilitation,Geriatrician
  • Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Case Management:
,Team Meetings held on a regular basis,Multidisciplinary clinic for newly referred prostate cancer patients
  • Treatments available:
,Radical prostatectomy,External Radioterapy,Brachytherapy,Hormonal therapy,Chemotherapy
  • Observational programs available:
,Active Surveillance,Watchful Waiting

Cliniques de l’Europe

206 Avenue Defré
1180 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +3226142740
Fax: +3226142742

Last modified: 09 January 2020