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San Giovanni di Dio Hospital

Agrigento, Italy

San Giovanni di Dio Hospital

The Prostate Cancer Unit of the Department of Urology in San Giovanni Di Dio Hospital in Agrigento (Italy), is the organizational model for the multidisciplinary management of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer in all stages of the disease, from new diagnoses to the most advanced forms, which refer to the consolitated model of management and treatment. The staff of the Prostate Cancer Unit stands out in Core Team and Non Core Team. The Core Team is composed of the specialized figures most involved in multidisciplinary clinical activities and in the care pathways: urologists ( dott. Michele Ruoppolo, Giuseppe Camilleri, Angelo Pizzo and Salvatore Butticè), oncologists (dott. Alfredo Butera and dott. Antonio Ignoto), radiotherapists (dott. Michele Bono and dott. Roberto Ianni , nuclear physician (dott. Antonio Garufo) anatomical pathologist (prof. Vito Franco) psychologists (dott. Eloisa Capizzi)and professional nurses. The Non Core Team is composed of specialist figures involved in certain phases of the care process (diagnosis, staging, rehabilitation, therapy): radiotherapists oncologists (for brachytherapy), physicists, radiologists, rehabilitators, experts in supportive care , palliative care and pain therapies. The Core Team and the Non Core Team are supported by a project team composed of the project manager, patient secretary and data entry personnel. Each year, more than 100 patients are investigated by the Prostate Unit, who are treated according to the pathological stage of the disease. The prostatic biopsies performed are about 400 per year and the radical prostatectomies 50 per year. 40 patients are treated with radiotherapy per year and there are about 50 new enrollments for hormone treatment. The prostate unit meets once a week, every Tuesday to discuss new cases and draw up a written minutes of the meeting.

Unit Director: Michele RuoppoloUrology and Andrology

Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team

  • Core Team
,Urologists,Radiation Oncologists,Pathologists,Nurses,Data Managers
  • Non Core Team and Associated Services
,Imaging specialists,Palliative care service,Clinical trial coordinator
  • Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Case Management:
,Team Meetings held on a regular basis,Multidisciplinary clinic for newly referred prostate cancer patients
  • Treatments available:
,Radical prostatectomy,External Radioterapy,Brachytherapy,Hormonal therapy,Chemotherapy
  • Observational programs available:
,Active Surveillance,Watchful Waiting

San Giovanni di Dio Hospital

Contrada Consolida
92100 Agrigento, Italy
Phone: +39922442316
Fax: +39922442314

Last modified: 14 April 2021