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ospedale sanremo/asl1 imperiese

sanremo, Italy

Interdisciplinary Multiprofessional Team

Core Team

  • available Urologists
  • available Radiation Oncologists
  • available Medical Oncologists
  • available Pathologists
  • available Nurses
  • not available Data Managers

Non Core Team and Associated Services

  • available Imaging specialists
  • available Medical physicists
  • available Radiation technologists
  • available Palliative care service
  • available Clinical psychologists with experience in uro-oncology
  • available Other professionals authorized to offer regular psychological support
  • available Clinical trial coordinator
  • not available Physiotherapist
  • not available Sexual therapist or urologist trained in andrological urology or certified andrologist or clinical nurse specialist (supervised by sexual therapist, clinical psychologist or urologist trained in andrological urology) specially trained in using interventions that can minimize post-therapeutic sexual complications and promote rehabilitation
  • not available Geriatrician
  • available Patient advocates or advocacy group members


At least one clinic per week for newly referred prostate cancer patients

Discussion of the newly referred cases in the Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team Meeting

Written information on the disease and possible therapeutic and observational options handed out to patients

Written information on sperm preservation handed out to patients

Clinic for the follow up of patients who undergo treatment at the Prostate Cancer Units

Follow up supervised either by one of the Prostate Cancer Unit members responsible for the initial treatment or by professionals formally collaborating with the Prostate Cancer Unit in a network

Dedicated clinic for patients with recurrent/advanced prostate cancer

Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Case Management

Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team Meetings are held on a regular basis

Cases in which the diagnosis/staging is uncertain are discussed

Cases with a diagnosis of cancer to be considered for radical therapy or observational strategies are discussed

Cases following surgery on receipt of the pathologic report are discussed

Cases in follow up after radical treatment or in observational settings or who have undergone diagnostic investigations for possible symptoms/signs of recurrent or advanced disease are discussed

N. cases discussed last year 150

Physicians and health professionals participating in the meetings

  • available Urology
  • available Radiation Oncology
  • available Medical Oncology
  • available Pathology
  • available Imaging
  • available Psychology and Mental Health Specialties
  • not available Palliative Care
  • not available Geriatric Care
  • not available Physiotherapy
  • not available Sexual Health Counselling
  • available Nurse
  • not available Clinical Trial Manager
  • not available Data Manager
  • not available Social worker
  • not available Patient Secretary
  • not available Patient advocacy

Other features

Interdisciplinary and multiprofessional curative and supportive care for patients across their prostate cancer pathways, from newly diagnosed through to advanced disease

Evidence-based written guidelines for the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer all stages

Written protocols for treatment and observation strategies

Discussion and sharing of protocols and protocol amendments within the Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team

Database for registering clinical information

Interdisciplinary and multiprofessional continuous education on all aspects of prostate cancer care for junior staff and students

Clinical trials and research

Written and electronic information sheets for patients

Last modified: 14 October 2016