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Hospital Clinic

Barcelona, Spain

Hospital Clinic

The prostate cancer unit at our institution is composed of urologists, medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, nuclear medicine phisicians and uro-oncological nurses. The unit is the responsible for stablishing the protocols according to the international guidelines and recent literature, discuss interesting cases in grand rounds where a shared decision is set, coordinate patient visits between different specialties, and prepare lectures and courses for residents and young urologists. The unit also supports the Prostate Cancer conferences in a Uro-Oncological masters degree at University of Barcelona.

Unit Director: Antonio AlcarazUrology

Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team

  • Core Team
,Urologists,Radiation Oncologists,Medical Oncologists,Pathologists,Nurses
  • Non Core Team and Associated Services
,Imaging specialists,Medical physicists,Palliative care service,Other professionals authorized to offer regular psychological support,Clinical trial coordinator,Sexual therapist or urologist trained in andrological urology or certified andrologist or clinical nurse specialist (supervised by sexual therapist, clinical psychologist or urologist trained in andrological urology) specially trained in using interventions that can minimize post-therapeutic sexual complications and promote rehabilitation,Patient advocates or advocacy group members
  • Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Case Management:
,Team Meetings held on a regular basis
  • Treatments available:
,Radical prostatectomy,External Radioterapy,Brachytherapy,Hormonal therapy,Chemotherapy
  • Observational programs available:
,Active Surveillance,Watchful Waiting

Hospital Clinic

Villarroel, 170
08036 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34932275545
Fax: +34932275545

Last modified: 04 October 2018